Friday, May 27, 2005

Star Wars: Episode III tonight!!

Star Wars Episode III tonight!!

My company is taking us all to see Star Wars tonight. Bill T and his Wife are going to meet Tracy and I for Dinner before the show, it starts at 10:00 so we'll have penty of time to grab a bite and chat for a while. Should be fun...

Band and drinking practice last night

Can’t find Busch Light in cans anywhere!!! What the hell is up with that? And the 7-11 by my house doesn’t sell Busch Light at all anymore. I had to drink Bud Light last night instead.

Anyway, kick ass practice last night! Eric showed up with his new baby, a black 2003 Les Pal Standard. Good thing it sounds awesome, it got him into some hot water with the Wife, she didn’t talk to him for a week…She just doesn’t understand, $1300 is a fuckin steal… It has a ding on the body, there’s no reason to fix it, I think it kind of gives it character.

We started off with a few covers, then worked on one of the untitled new songs. I really like what we did with it, it seemed like it was going nowhere until last night. We changed the verse to make it less busy, and added a long jam at the end for Eric to solo over. Bryan and I did some really cool off-beat (Drums and Bass) crazy stuff to it. Thankfully, I had the 8 track recorder with me, and was able to record everything we did. I can’t wait to listen to it. I have to figure out a way to get this stuff off the recorder and on the computer so I can burn it.

Another cool thing that happened was that Roger from the other band (Suburban Lockdown) threw out the other two bands that practice there. So now we SHOULD have plenty of room, it’s so tight in there now, you can barley move without knocking something over. Rent is going up $10 a month per person, but it’s worth it.

Run for your lives!! I hope this isn't true.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

World record Catfish - Good Eating?

Mississippi river Fish fry

Yes it true, our beloved world record Catfish has died at age 30. I wonder if they'll eat him. Why souldn't they. He would have wanted it that way... I'm sure of it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

World record Catfish

Man pulls in a 124 pound Blue Catfish from the Mississippi River. They kept it alive and will be on display at the Cabela's Outfitter store in Kansas City, Kan

Christian group ends Disney boycott


A Christian group ended a 9 year boycott of Walt Disney Co. They claim that they have too many other issues to deal with. They didn't mention what these other issues are, but I imagine they probably have something to do with Witches, Homosexuals and Heavy Metal music. You know, real important stuff.

Even though Disney has reported higher earnings since the boycott, the nation's largest Protestant denomination says that they will declare a victory and move on.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Guitar lessons

I started giving my oldest Daughter guitar lessons about two years ago, but it was pretty difficult because her fingers were so short. She couldn't play most of the major chords so I ended up teaching her Iron Man and Smoke on the Water on one string, just to get her interested. So now she's 10, and I decided it was time to pick it back up again. I taught her the G and D chords and had her practice changing between the two over and over last night. She's did well. Tonight I'll show her a couple more chords and a major scale.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Priests and weirdo’s

Tracy and I went to the beach on Thursday. Nice day but, no fish again. I had quite a few bites though. Anyway, I was hanging out down by the shore watching my line, and an Asia guy comes walking up to me. He asked me if I was an expert fisherman, I lied and said yes. I gave him a few pointers on surf fishing. He then returned back to the people he was with. I noticed that the other two guys he was with were not his age, and not Asian. Weird combination of people. So he came up to me again later in the day to ask if I caught anything, and started asking me questions like where are you from, do you have kids, how many, are you married. So, I finally asked him where he was from and why he was here. He’s from Virginia, and he’s here for a conference. What kind of conference? Technology? No, a Priest conference that the Catholic Church was holding. All three of them are Priests and he’s been one for almost 30 years. He was actually a pretty nice guy.

Later that day, a toothless guy and his toothless wife come walking down the beach. They were the type of people that you look at and say “God love em” Now Tracy and I are both sitting on the sand near the surf. (Tracy was trying to dig a hole to China...I have pictures) They stop and started talking to us about the fishing and how it’s been really bad today blah blah blah... Before leaving the guy says that he’s been taking pictures of couples on the beach and wants to know if he can take our picture. I didn’t have much time to really think about it, so I said sure. After they left Tracy says “he’s probably go home and jerk off to the pictures” Now I wish I would have said no. Oh well.

The Mummies

The Mummies!! Kings of Budget Rock...
They've been around forever, pretty good stuff. Very raw sounding old school rock and rock\punk. I dont think they're a band anymore as their web site reads:

The Mummies were a stupid band.
This is their stupid Website.
You cared about them enough to get this far.
Now you are stupid too.
That's the Mummies' curse.

The Mummies

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cracker Barrel & Beach

I keep forgetting to post this. Past weekend activities.

Friday the 13th - I don’t remember anything about Friday. I’m sure I drank a few beers and sat on the porch.

Saturday- Painted one of the kids rooms, not fun, and had a Barbeque. Dave, Tracy, and I cooked out and drank beer on the porch. Chicken wings and grilled veggies. Very good. Then we watched Alien Planet on HD Discovery.

Sunday – Cracker Barrel, and Beach. There’s something I can’t figure out about Cracker Barrel, why does everyone in Cracker Barrel look like a red neck? Is it the d├ęcor or does Cracker Barrel attract red necks. A bit of both probably. After that we went to Canaveral National Seashore. Caught a couple of Whiting (fish), drank a few beers, played with the kids on the beach. We had a pretty good day overall. We didn’t get to go to the Sea Harvest for grouper sandwiches this time, that sucks but we’re going back there on Thursday, just Tracy and I. Maybe we’ll go then.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Having problems with Xupiter

I replaced my Google link with a Xupiter link, but there seems to be a problem with Xupiter today. I'll need to place a call to tech support, but I dont exepect to hear back from them anytime soon. We're still waiting to hear back form them on a question we had for them 3 years ago. So if you need to search for something you'll need to use google. Thats

Skunk Ape likes wet Lima beans

Skunk Ape story

Monday, May 09, 2005

"We just cracked," said Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy

Yes coach it's time to panic...or strangle someone. Not sure what he's doing in this pic, but either way the Rockets are out.

Rockets Mavs
The margin of victory surpassed the record of 39 set by the Philadelphia Warriors in an 85-46 rout of the St. Louis Bombers in Game Seven of the 1948 league semifinals.

The fourth-seeded Mavericks became only the third team in NBA history to win a best-of-seven series after dropping the first two games at home. They open the Western Conference semifinals at top-seeded Phoenix on Monday.

McGrady scored 27 points
Yao Ming scored 33
Rest of the Rockets scored 16

If McGrady would have had a better game, and we all know that he is capable of scoring way more than 27, they may have at least had a chance. It could have changed the momentum of the game. But their bench is horrible, 16 pionts. I think there are problems when you have a star like McGrady on your team. The rest of the players tend to rely on him too much. That definately happened in Orlando, guys were just waiting for McGrady to do something, and if did if he felt like it.

After the game McGrady said “All of this will make me (ME ME ME) stronger, and I love it, every bit of it because I will have the last laugh." Shut up!! I'm glad he's gone.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

My Guitars

Frankenbass: Being re-built. It needs a new pickgard, and the electronics need to be re-wired. Other than that, it still plays. This was used mostly during the Black Cats & Bottle Rockets days, and in the begining of W.Breakneck. Lots of fake blood was just recently cleaned off from a Kiss tribute show at Wills on Mills six or more years ago. Dale filled in for me because I was out of town. He was Gene... I used this one when we played the side stage at Lollapalooza 1992. We played with the Genitortures and a bunch of other acts that I cant remember. One of the guys in the Genitorturers was arrested after the show for indecent exposure. He was getting soemthing pierced. YOWCH! Fond memories. I think that was the last Lollapalooza in Orlando, but I may be wrong.

Yamaha Acoustic: I didnt have an acoustic so I took a ride up to Sam Ash on Lee rd, and picked this one up. Played better than all the others in that price range. It sounds great, plays nice, but the intonation is a little off. Not too bad.

Squier Strat: This is a great guitar. In my opinion, it plays just like the real thing. I think that they may have made them better in the early 80's. I got this off of a friend of mine. I traded a Fretless Carvin for it. I think I got the better deal. My Dog Cleo took a nice little bite out of the headstock, I could have killed her, but it doesnt sound any worse from it.

Musicman Stingray Bass: Got this one when Frakenbass started taking a shit. I really needed something that was reliable. We (W.Breakneck) were playing as many as 4 nights a week out sometimes, with some pretty decent shows. So I went to the guitar store and played everything you can think of, and ended up with this one. I wanted a black one, but they didn’t have one in stock, so I went with the red one since I couldn’t wait for them to ship me a black one. It's been pretty good to me so far, a few minor issues with the input jack. But nothing major.

'78 Rickenbacker Bass: What a deal! Got this one off EBay for $690.00. I always wanted one of these, growing up I used to idolize Getty Lee and Chris Squire, though Geezer was my favorite. The tone is like no other, very easy to play. The only problem is the binding on the body, it cuts into your arm, that sounds worse than it actually is. I haven't gotten the opportunity to play this one on stage yet. Soon though if we get our act together. We will.

? Late 80's. Frankenbass...

Yamaha acoustic. Not bad for the price.

Dog mauling late 90's

Early 80's Squier Strat

2000 Musicman Stingray Bass

1978 Rickenbacker Bass

Friday, May 06, 2005

Tom Waits - Blood Money. Great gift idea for Mom on Mothers Day...

I love re-discovering good music. I bought this a few years back, and lost it for a year or so. Bill T burned me a copy...thanks Bill!! This is Tom Waits best record in my opinion. He released two in the same year. The other was Alice. Good, but not as good as Blood Money.

Manitoba Bigfoot video teaser

This is really poor quality. Horrible. I am pretty disappointed. This is only 49 seconds of the video that was taken. I hope the other 2 minutes that they didn’t show is better. A Current Affair is launching a search for the Bigfoot. They have one of the shows producers, the ex-singer for the Runaways named Jailbait, and some Bigfoot nut going after it. It's actually comical. Cant wait to see that footage.

Here's the clip from A Current Affair:

  • Bigfoot Teaser
  • Thursday, May 05, 2005

    A Current Affair purchased Bigfoot video

    A Current Affair aired the Manitoba Bigfoot video last night. And I missed it!! They will be posting the video to their web site today.

    It's not there yet, I'm sure they'll take their time posting it. Bastards!!

    Tuesday, May 03, 2005

    Mavs vs Rockets


    Not sure why I want T-Mac to fail this year, I guess it's because the Magic did so poorly at the end of the season. He was quoted as saying "look where they are and look where I am" when asked about the Magic last week. That was when his team was up 2-0 in the series. Now they're down 3-2. How did that happen.

    If the Mavs win the series they will be only the 3rd team to recover from a 2-0 deficit. The '69 Lakers and the '94 Rockets are the only two teams so far to do this. I hope the Mavericks join them…

    Rockets head coach Jeff Van Gundy was fined $100.000 Monday for accusing officials of targeting Yao Ming and refusing to tell the league which official was his source. And he may be banned forever from the NBA after this season. Wow, this is a pretty exiting series. Game 6 is Thursday night in Houston.

    Alleged sasquatch footage reportedly sold to U.S. TV

    Norway House, Man. -- Relatives say a ferry operator has sold a U.S. television show his video footage of a large, dark figure that some are describing as a sasquatch.

    Langford Saunders, the uncle of videographer Bobby Clarke, said yesterday there were multiple offers for the two-minute, 49-second tape, but Mr. Clarke and his family chose to deal with people who were sincere and would not embarrass the community.

    On April 16, Mr. Clarke was operating an automobile ferry on the Nelson River, about 40 kilometres outside of Nelson House, when he claimed to have seen a dark figure walking upright on the riverbank.

    Mr. Clarke said he grabbed his camcorder and recorded the figure looking directly at him, then turning around and heading back into the bush. Relatives said the creature was at least 2½ metres tall.