Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First show

We played our first show on March 31st at a place in Leesburg called Steve's Redhouse. Not a bad place to play. There were a lot of people there to see the other bands, but we got lucky and went on third, so there were still a lot of people around. When we got there there was a band on stage already, and it was pretty metal. Next band same thing, but a little heavier... getting nervous since we're really more of a Rock n Roll band. Opened with Child of the Wires, a somewhat heavy rock tune... excellent response from the crowd. At the last song the sound guy told us that we needed to wrap up. We were actually worried that we did have enough songs to fill the 45 minutes, so that worked out. So the first show was a success. We didn't make any major mistakes, just a few little things here and there. The sound was pretty bad. I was only able to hear the vocals and Drums. No Bass or Guitar... Not easy to play when you cant hear yourself. But that's just how it is when your a local band that doesn't have its own sound man. We finally decided to call the band Black Rabbit. I have mixed feelings on the new name, but can deal with it. Names really hard to come up with. New Myspace:

Friday, March 30, 2007

Lunch time!!

I've been so busy with house work, and work work that I haven’t posted anything in a while.

So we're getting the master bathroom fix\ remodeled. Looking good so far... I'm using a guy that a friend of mine recommended. And oddly enough, I think I may have met this guy before many years ago in Sanford. He grew up not very far away from Pinecrest, which is where I spent much of my teenage years... I need to post before and after pics once it's finished.

First show: The band is playing at Steve's Redhouse in Leesburg Fl... We're going on at 9 and should play for about 40 minutes. Apparently there's some sort of music fest or something going on that night. So there's like 5 bands or something. We're not really ready, but then again you never are. So I'll update this with pics and stuff on Monday.