Friday, October 21, 2005

Allen Iverson talks about the new NBA dress code

When he heard last week that a dress code was imminent, he told the Philadelphia Daily News: "It sends a bad message to kids. If you don't have a suit on when you go to school, is the teacher going to think you're a bad kid?"

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wilma: Strongest Atlantic storm ever recorded

Yikes!! Ok, so I never got the Generator that Tracy said we should get and I don't think I'm going to run out and get one now. Just have to hope that this one doesn't do what Charley did. This is the same path they said it would take, it took a turn to the north and ended up hitting us... hope that cold front doesn't stall...

Messed around with the Drum samples last night, and did a little recording with Sonar. I have to play with it a lot more to get it down. The levels are all over the place for some reason, but so far I like it more than I thought I would. I really should be using a better machine to do this stuff.

Friday, October 14, 2005

First practice with the Jazz Bass

I used the Jazz Bass last nigh at practice, sounds awesome through the GK and 410… The 2-15 cab is down right now, not sure what the hell is wrong with it, but I’ll need to get that worked on soon. We worked on something new as soon as we get there last night. That seems to work well. I think going through the set first burns us out, and we’re less likely to work on new stuff later in the evening. We completed it and are just waiting for Matt to lay down some vocals. Pretty rockin tune…

In a couple of weeks I’m going to record our stuff and try to post it. My neighbor does web hosting, and I think he’d be willing to give me some space for mp3’s of the band. The weather was really nice last night, we didn’t sweat our asses off for the first time in a while. It’s supposed to cool down significantly this weekend. I’m ready for it…

Thursday, October 13, 2005

It was one year ago today...

I started my blog on Oct 13th 2004. First post was Orlando Magic pre-season Basketball... It's that time again and they're winning this time! No games on TV just like last year, no synchronized horse swimming either...

Looking though my old posts, memories good and bad: Sold a house, homeless for a couple of months, bought another one finally, MELVINS join with Jello Biafra, HOW TO TELL IF YOUR PROSTITUTE IS AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL, Bigfoot video (sucked), I'm keeping your poop!!! James gets a roach stuck in his ear and has to have it removed by a Dr at the ER, pictures of food, fishing trip, new amp, new Bass Guitar...

Best picture goes to:

Discovered some good music in the past year old and new: Mastodon, High on Fire, Clutch, Dandy Warhols, Elliott Smith, Orange Goblin, Lamb of God...

Special thanks to the 5 people that actually read this crap sometimes: Geoff, Jamie, Chris, Billy, and my Wife...Oh and the Go to this site MAKE MONEY NOW guy, and Bill T...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Went down to Sam Ash last night after work, and bought the J Bass. Same price as on-line except I had to pay tax on it. No big deal. I compared it to the American Standard, and the Geddy Lee. Didn’t like the Geddy Lee much, but the American played nice. I went back and forth with the American and Mexican, and couldn’t really tell the difference... Asked the salesman’s opinion: do you want a Bass that was made in Mexico by Mexicans or do you want a Bass made in the USA by Mexicans? HAHA!! He has both at home and he says that he cant tell the difference either. There are some differences after reading the specs. The American has a Graphite Reinforced Neck, different Pickups and Bridge (Strings-Thru-Body) That’s pretty much it. Same wood, I can always swap out the Bridge and Pickup later when I have the money.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Cancelled order

Got another email on Saturday stating that the J Bass will be there by the 23rd. This is the 3rd time they changed it on me so I told them to forget it... Going down to Sam Ash after work to check our one that they're holding for me. Same price, just have to add tax, but dont have to pay shipping or wait for it.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

J Bass on order

The pickguard came yesterday... Alright Ezra-music!! but no J-Bass from music123. So I emailed them again. First time they said that it would be in from Fender before the 1st. Now they're saying it's going to be there by the 13th. Bull Shit man!! I called the Sales team today instead of customer server, and that pretty much said that this happens sometimes, and that they are at the mercy of Fender, whenever they send the next shipment is when they'll get it... So he check with Fender who was waiting for a shipment as well. They just got a big shipment in, and they'll be sending the stuff out soon. So I have at least another week unless they decided to send it overnight because I had to wait so long. Dont think so... No biggie, I have two others to choose from.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Yes I take pictures of food sometimes, Tracy thinks it's funny...

Still eating the fish leftover from the deep sea trip. I did this with a Beer batter and deep fried it:

BBQ Chicken and Zucchini: