Friday, November 27, 2009


Been attempting multi track recordings of our songs. So far it's been just okay at best, but getting some good advice from friends. I'm using Cakewalk 7, and bought thge UA-G interface with it since it's make by Cakewalk\Roland. The big problem with this device is that you can only record one instrument at a time. But the price was right, and I figured that I would be able to record the drums through the VS880, and import the wav in Cakewalk, then record the rest of the band. That really didn't work very well. I found myself wanting to turn up parts of the drums, but not possible as the drum were all on one track. So that made me head back up to Guitar Center to shop for my next IO interface. I ended up with the Presonus FireStudio Project. I some research prior, and felt that for the money, this was the best fit for what we needed. I can now record 8 instruments at one time, so that takes care of the issue with the drums. I can also get a headphone amplifier with multiple inputs to let everyone here their own mix. So far so good!! Got an awesome recording last week of Drums, Bass, and Guitar. I also did some recording at home with guitar and vox using my condenser mic that requires Phantom Power. The FireStudio has built in Phantom Power with XLR only, and a separate preamp for each input. Can't wait to record again...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No new name yet, but lots of ideas for songs

We have tons of ideas these days, but not enough time to put then all together since we only practice once a week. It's better than not having any ideas... we've been there before. New singer, new warehouse. Things are looking up. The new singer is really working out for us. He adds a different sound to the band that we never had before. A bit more southern rock style. We'll be finishing up a few songs, then a friend is going to record a few songs for us at no charge.