Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Mastodon: Leviathan


All lyrics on this CD are based on the Herman Melville novel, Moby Dick. This is a great Metal record. Melodic guitar, tons of monstrous riffs, and the singer doesn’t scream in every song. Favorites are Blood and Thunder and Seabeast. In Blood and Thunder, they get some assistance from the leas singer of Clutch on the chant: White whale - Holy Grail!!

More lyrics from this tune:

Split your lungs with blood and thunder
When you see the white whale
Break your backs and crack your oars men
If you wish to prevail
This ivory leg is what propels me
Harpoons thrust in the sky
Aim directly for his crooked brow And look him straight in the eye

This is a great record all the way through, and the musicianship is amazing, these guys really know how to play. Some of the songs are pretty complex but not overly complicated which in my opinion, make bands hard to listen to. It's a good mix, easy to listen to, and complicated enough for other Musicians to enjoy.

Finally, a good rock band from the UK

Orange Goblin

I can't think of any, although I'm sure there have been a few good rock bands from the UK since Deep Purple, and Sabbath. These guys are very much like the bands I just mentioned. Bassist, Martyn Millard has that Geezer Butler style overtone to his sound, which I like a lot, and gives that Sabbath sound to the band. The Guitars are very distorted and chunky, most of the riffs are more on the Blackmore side. There are a few Southern Rock sounding songs as well. If I had to make any modern day comparisons, I would say they would be in the same genre as Monster Magnet, Clutch, and COC. Very cool stuff. If you like listening to old school rock and roll, check these guys out.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Moving tomorrow

Moving out of Sanford tomorrow. Going to stay with Tracys Mom for a few days, then we're off to Debary until the 22nd of Jan. The person that was supposed to help us has to work, so it's just Tracy and I. I should have hired movers. I think we'll be okay, there's not too much to move, we got rid of lots of stuff that we didn't want anymore.

Monday, December 20, 2004

done deal

We close on the new house on Jan 22nd!!

Friday, December 17, 2004

House hunting update

We made an offer on a house yesterday in Longwood. The subdivision is called CHELSEA PLACE. Nice house with a big backyard. 4 bedrooms, 2 bath. 1933 Sqft, Granite Countertops, Volume Ceilings, huge Florida room. It was built in 1995.

My realtor says that we have a verbal agreement with the seller saying that they will accept our offer, but I won’t believe it until I’m actually at closing signing the paperwork because of what happened to us before with the last house we had on contract.

Monday, December 13, 2004

House hunting again.

Sold our house for more than we wanted for it, then that guy that we were buying our next house from backed out saying he didn't want to sell anymore. He's getting sued by his realtor, and possibly us. Not really sure if it's worth the headache or not. Anyway, been looking again, hope to find something soon, we're going to be staying with the in-laws until we do.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Turkey sucks

I’ll never make a Turkey for Thanksgiving again. I'm begining to think that I dont even like Turkey. The white meat is almost always too dry, and there’s not enough dark meat. I tried something different to see if it would make a difference. I brined the Turkey overnight in the refrigerator in salt and brown sugar. I cooked it on the grill as well, not sure if that could make it better or worse. I placed an aluminum try under the grates of the grill. I put a cut up onion, and a couple of cups of water in the pan, then set the Turkey above the try so the juices don’t drip down into the fire. I guess it could have tuned out worse, but I'm going with the honey baked ham next year. I’m thinking about making either Turkey Tetrazzini or cacciatore with the leftovers.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

New old music

Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia

I've been listening to this a lot recently. Great record. It actually came out in 2000, but I never really listened to them except for the one song that they had on the radio back then - Bohemian Like You. This record ‘Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia’ is very good. They kind of sound like modern day Velvet Underground. Pretty psychedelic at times. My favorite tracks so far are Nietzsche, Country Leaver and Big Indian. The first two tracks, Godless, and Mohammed are strange openers. Kind of take their time getting started, but evolve into well constructed and interesting songs that are very easy to listen to, they kind of just float around. Then they hit hard with Nietzsche - loud, crunchy guitars, and a great riff that lets them get away with playing over and over and over, and leaves you wanting more. I guess my point is that this record is put together well. The structure and placing of the songs is perfect. I’m sure these guys would be great to see live, looks like they play a lot over in Europe, not sure if they’ve ever come to Florida. Hope they do. Check out looks like a pretty cool project that they were a part of. Not sure if it will play here. Doesn’t look promising.


A couple of days of gone by, and still no for sale sign in front of my house. So I asked the realtor why this was. They told me that the sign guy installed it on Monday. We finally figured out that it was put up in front of the wrong house. The other house is on Grandview Ave my house is S. Grandview Ave. Can you imagine coming home to see a for sale sign in front of your house? I thought that was pretty funny. I don’t even know why they bother putting a sign up, I already have three offers and didn't have a sign up. Going to go through them tonight after work and hopefully accept one.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Found a house lost it and got it back

What a freakin pain in the ass this is. We found a great house out in tuscawilla for the right price. We made an offer, they took it, then the other realtor talked the seller into turning us down because it was contingent on us selling our house first. So then I called the realtor back, and said that I would buy the house regardless if my house sells or not, and they accepted that. So now I may end up with two house payments. I pretty much have two months to sell my house. Hope it all works out.

Friday, November 12, 2004

House hunting

Got to get out of our house before the house prices go to high. Prices are out of control right now, and will only get worse. I'm afraid that we wont be able to afford the house that we want if we wait too long. Our house will be listed on Tuesday. Kind of scary since we cant really shop around until we have our house sold. Looked at a few already, not much better than what we have now. I just hope we can find something that we like. I don't want to settle for anything less.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Fixed in 9.X


Wow this guy looks serious.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Magic vs Bucks - first game of the season

Magic vs Bucks

The Orlando Magic played their first regular season game last night. I was equipped with a 12 pack of Busch, large bag of Potato Chips, and some Crunch and Munch.

This was a very exiting Basketball game, probably the best and most exciting game in the past two years for the Magic. The score was pretty close for most of the game. The Magic did have a 15 point lead at one time, but the Bucks came back to lead the game. The score with 3 seconds left was 91–92 when Steve Frances scored a basket giving the Magic a 1 point lead and a win. Final was 93-92

Rookie Dwight Howard finished with 18 points and 10 rebounds, not bad for his first NBA game…and an amazing dunk that didn’t make the highlights on ESPN for some reason. Frances finished with 23, Hill had 20.

I must say, I think this team can and will go far in the play-offs. Who knows, they may even go to the finals. The only obstacle they may encounter are the Miami Heat - You know, having Shaq and all. We will see. It should be a better season than last year.

Got this off pretty funny:
Francis took a mild swipe at T-Mac, whose Rockets are 0-2, saying, "I think both teams got what they wanted. If [the Rockets] want guys to walk up the court and shoot fade-away jump shots, they got what they want. If the Magic want a team of players who get up and down the court, then they got what they wanted."

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Why cant I get to my Blog!

Fights broke out at voting polls in Sanford!!!!!

Polls in Sanford, FL

Fights broke out at voting polls in Sanford. Six people are dead, and dozens injured as voters attempted to cast their vote this morning. it was a bloody site to see. Just kidding, it was actually pretty uneventful. There was a person upset that some lady was helping her elderly Mother vote. They did yell at each other.

I waited for an hour this morning to vote. Not bad compared to the 4 hr wait to vote early. I really don’t understand why all these people had to vote early. Would they have not been able to vote if they didn’t get to do this, or did they just panic thinking that today would be worse. Sure there are some that knew they were going to be out of town today, but that many! When Tracy and I got there, the line was pretty long, but when we were leaving, the line was less than half as long. I'm thinking 2pm would be the best time to vote. But, we got it over with.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Clutch - BLAST TYRANT: Best record of the year


This has got to be the best record of year, maybe the best in 5 years. I'm so tired of the bubblegum-pop-punk shit that they’re playing on the radio. None of that here. Thank God. Just great hard rock&roll songs, one after another. There are a few mellow\slower songs on the record, but they're placed well on the album and mix things up a bit. I can’t say that there’s a bad song on this record...and they actually play Guitar solos. Go buy it.

Monday, October 25, 2004

First message our new Spam filter caught

my say? Backstreet Boys Golf Clubs Illinois man

Saturday, October 23, 2004

I'm keeping your poop!!!

So Bill T was telling me all about his trip to Boston. One of the many things he did there was see an Australian Pink Floyd cover band called Luther Write and the Wrongs. He said that these guys were very close to the real deal. Sounded just a lot like Floyd.. So anyway, he mentioned that they were playing this country band on the PA before they took the stage called Hayseed Dixie. They play country covers of old AC\DC songs. He said that it was hysterical. The thing that’s so weird about this is that Tracy and I were driving home from McDonalds with the kids later that night, and she says that she got a new CD from someone at work, she pops it in and it’s Hayseed Dixie!!! I find that extremely strange. This is, in my opinion, an obscure band. The chances were very slim that Tracy and I would hear of them with in a couple of days of each other. Fuckin weird. Go to to check them out. I guess they do originals too, they have a song called “I’m keeping your poop” in the Tasting Room section. pretty funny stuff...and they’re pretty talented too.

Critics agree!
Here’s are some record reviews that I found:

Genius. Pure Genius. Anyone willing to record a song titled "I'm Keeping Your Poop" and keep it going for four minutes is a fucking musical genius.
-Billy Bob

One listen, and you'll be singing "I'm Keeping Your Poop" to your loved ones over and over and over

Friday, October 22, 2004


I woke up the other morning with fresh scratches on my face. It’s possible that I could have inflicted them on myself, you know, during some weird sex dream or something. Maybe the cat scratched me, or I could have turned into a werewolf last night. Who knows? So anyway, this morning I awoke with Tracy’s elbow in my throat, and fingernails on my face. Luckily I was able to fight her off me before she was able to do any damage. She was screaming “I SWEAR BY GOD I’LL KILL YOU… I just made that last part up. She would never says something like that to me, at least I dont think she would. So, I'm thinking that’s where the scratches came from.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Amazing discovery

Today at work we were eating one frosted Maple and Brown Sugar Mini Wheat and a few peanuts all at once. It’s absolutely fucking delicious.

Speaking of Peanuts, the other day I was telling Chris that Rednecks put salted peanuts in a bottle of Coke and drink it. Naturally, he didn’t believe me because I’m always full of shit. I found an article on some recipe site talking about it, so he trusted I was telling the truth. I hadn’t done this in years, but remember liking it. So we tried it with a Diet Coke in a can. Very bad idea folks!! DO NOT DO THIS… I’m thinking that it needs to be done with a bottle of Coke, not a can. We were pretty much chocking on fucking peanuts with each sip. Pretty funny though, because we kept drinking anyway.

Todays Lunch

Tracy, Bill, Michelle, some other guy, and I went to Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch today. It was pretty good I guess. Bill and Michelle had some problems with the steaks they ordered. Bill's was over cooked and under seasoned. JESUS CHRIST, WHAT KIND OF A PLACE MAKES YOU SEASONING YOUR OWN STEAK!!! I'm sorry but, table salt and pepper do not take the place of Prairie dust. I actually got a free steak there one time because of that. Service was shitty. The waitress didn't really seem to care at all. Cant wait to go back though. I have to fill my lucky lunch card up so I can get my free lunch.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Got nothing else to post, so here ya go, some very important info. As you can see from the article, this info is from 'government experts' I got this off the Weekly World News so I know it's got to be true:

Here, from government experts, are 10 warning signs that the prostitute you've picked up is a sinister space babe:

1. Looks too good to be true -- If that curvy cutie working the street corner is a dead ringer for Catherine Zeta-Jones, odds are the gorgeous star isn't moonlighting. A shape-shifting ET has probably adopted the form of your dream girl.

2. Out-of-date lingo -- Alien prostitutes try to fit in by using streetwalker slang -- but often use outdated terms. A hooker who sees a police car and whispers, "Cheese it, the fuzz!" likely hails from deep space.

3. Evasive about identity and origins -- Few gals in "the life" are forthcoming about their full
names. But a scarlet woman who refuses even to divulge where she comes from -- vaguely describing her birthplace as "the Midwest" or "overseas" -- could be an ET.

4. Odd, hard-to-place accent. "They have trouble pronouncing the letter 'R,' " Manling reveals.

5. Unusually petite -- The average alien hooker stands roughly 5 feet tall, but may attempt to disguise her size with ridiculously high heels.

6. Sex was "unbelievable." If the encounter was "everything you've always fantasized about," chances are the memory was implanted by ETs.

7. Missing time -- If you paid for an hour with a hooker, but your watch indicates four hours have gone by, this suggests part of your memory of the encounter has been erased.

8. Seems telepathic -- A fallen woman who finishes your sentences or slips up and mentions your real name when you've given her a bogus one, is probably invading your thoughts -- and our planet.

9. Over-perfumed -- Hookers from outer space often try to mask their peculiar ET body odor.

10. Squeamish about spanking -- Terrestrial prostitutes are willing to perform virtually every sexual act if the money is right. But ETs don't like having their butts touched.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Take a walk around the world – and drink

I can’t believe that I’m moving out of Sanford. There are so many benefits to living here. For instance Flea World, the world’s largest indoor – outdoor flea market, or so they say. I think every state has the worlds largest flea market. Flea World is now claiming to have outdoor air-conditioning. What they actually did was put up a misting type of sprinkler at the base of each fan, so it’s like you’re walking around in a rain forest. Kind of funny. I know you’re probably asking yourself, wont the moister ruin the merchandise. The answer is no. The only things they sell there are sunglasses, t-shirts, and mailboxes with your favorite NFL team logo on it. All hold up well in this damp environment. Oh, and Beer. So, Dave, Tera, and I walked around the world and drank Beer. Tera didn’t, she’s got about 11 years to go before she can legally drink beer in most places, 3 if you’re in flea world. We actually found a place that was selling Bud cans for $1.60, we had someone ask us “did yall bring your own beer in” Most places sell draft. We pointed him to the concession stand where we bought them, not sure if he was able to find it or not. Dave ran into an interesting problem after purchasing a rain stick. You can’t drink beer, eat a hot dog, and hold a rain stick. Impossible!! SO, he did without the hot dog. Caught a buzz, had fun.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Band practice is sponsored by Busch Beer


Hung around with Bryan and Eric last night like I do every Thursday night. Band practice has turned into beer practice. Dave was there for a bit, but had to leave early for some reason. We haven’t had a place to practice in over two years, so it’s been replaced with sitting around drinking beer talking about shit like bands, movies, fishing... Our beer of choice is Busch beer, sometimes miller lite, but mostly Busch. Speaking of Busch, Shinedown, a local band gone national, did a horrible cover of Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Now when ever I hear that song, I think of that shit band Shinedown instead of the wonderful vision of girls jumping into waterfalls that Busch beer painted for me in their commercials. Anyway, Bryan bought a newer house (very nice) so we have a new garage to drink in. And there is a great place on the side of the house to take a leak: no lights, no neighbors taking out the trash to walk up on you, very private piss area. I’m sure he considered this before buying the place :) We are talking about getting a warehouse again, and writting some new tunes. That would be awsome.

CD cover

Melvins Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 14, 2004

MELVINS with Jello Biafra

I just heard that the Melvins have recorded a new record with Jello Biafra. Cant wait to hear it! The Melvins have got to be the coolest and most interesting bands around. They've been together for 20 years. That says a lot. Go to to hear a sample and interview. I hope they do a tour with him. The Melivns are one of the best bands that I've seen live. They put on a great show, and usually play in small venues which makes it that much better. Go see them if you get a chance.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Magic are losing again - not over yet!!

They tried to improve the team by getting rid of T-Mac, and getting 3 Rockets in his place, but so far they've lost the first pre season game, and it doesn't look good for the second. I feel things cant be any worse than last season. Too early to tell. This team is deeper and should score more evenly than last year (T-Mac - 50 rest of team 40) Don't understand why they don’t televise these pre-season games. Sunshine network is playing something like synchronized horse swimming right now. GO figure. I think more people would be watching the basketball game. Have to listen to it on instead because I don’t have a good radio in the house. The game is on wdbo, if you go to their site they want 3 $ a month to listen to their crap on the web, so I go to, click on listen to game, and get wdbo radio, kind of funny. Anyway, as far as the Magic go, I'm still optimistic. If Hill stays healthy, we can go far into the post season.