Friday, April 22, 2005

Bigfoot exists!! This is the real deal

My friend Dave just sent me this link. There's a 2 minute video of Bigfoot walking around near a river in Canada.

Good practice last night

We got a lot accomplished. I wish we could practice twice a week instead, but this is better than nothing. We’re doing a cover of a song called Sin’s a good man’s brother. We learned the Monster Magnet version, but it’s actually a Grand Funk Railroad song. The big problem is the ending of the song, it just didn’t do it for me. So we ended up changing it a little by adding an additional Guitar solo at the end and wrote our own parts for it. It sounds way better this way.

We also worked on a new song. We got the pattern down, we just need to add at least one more part to it. We recorded it with just music so Matt can work on the vocals at home. We’re looking at resurrecting some of our older stuff. Some of the old stuff is still good, it may need some tweaking, but that’s easy enough to do.

Song list so far:

Sin’s a good man’s brother
Profits of Doom
Behind the wall of sleep
New song (no name yet)
Old song (not sure what we’ll call it, needs some lyrics)

And we need a band name. This is going to be Matt’s job since he’s the singer of the band. I’m sure he’ll think of something cool…

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

True story – this is not made up, I swear!!

Dave asked if he could go to band practice with me last week, so of course it was okay by me. So he drove to my house, and we both rode together. So anyway, we’re driving down 434 in Longwood, and I said to Dave LOOK, that’s where Bill lives, pointing to the apartments that Bill is staying at, and then Dave says Hey, isn’t that Bill and Eva right there. And there they were pulling out of the driveway on to 434!! And of course I didn’t have a camera with me to prove this, but I swear it’s true.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Beatles Anthology DVD - old but new to me...

Trio jamming

When we were staying with John and Michelle (while house hunting), I bought The Beatles Anthology DVD box set. It’s 10 hours of Beatles footage on 4 DVD’s, and a bonus DVD that’s 81 minutes of mostly never seen before footage. Very cool…only for the hardcore Beatles freaks though. Others may just find it a bit long.

It was great watching the Beatles play shows in shitty little clubs in Liverpool when they were first starting off. I think one of the places was called the Cave. And my Wife liked their boots. Anyway, John and I watched 1 DVD a night until we were done. We both agreed that this is the most comprehensive Beatles documentary that we’ve seen (it being 4 DVD’s and all)The remaining Beatles actually get together for two more songs. The whole thing is captured on film. They even show then jamming on some stuff in between recording (old non-Beatles tunes) and some footage of them on the lawn with acoustics and a Ukulele.

Things they don’t talk about:
John and Paul’s bad relationship (made it seem like it really wasn’t so bad)
Paul is dead (nothing at all mentioned…Hmmm, I wonder?)

Things they do talk about:
John’s quote “the Beatles are bigger than Jesus” not exactly something you wanted to say back in the 60’s. And the redneck burned all their records.
Drug use
Almost getting killed in the Philippines.

There's a lot of concert footage, even a few song from Let it Be in the rooftop. I wish they showed more of that since there's not a lot of live stuff from that time in the Beatles career.

Things I learned:
John was not the serious artist type (all of the time) He was actually a pretty goofy guy most of the time.
Ringo was and still is a great drummer and will out live all of them.
George was the most level headed of the bunch.
George didn’t like Sergeant Peppers
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds doesn’t stand for LSD. Or so they say.
Paul was the best musician in the band, but seems very into himself. He does seem like a very nice person, maybe even approachable. I guess it's hard to not have a huge ego when you take who he is into consideration. One of the greatest songwriters in the history of Rock n Roll.

The Beatles were way better as a band than they were as solo artists. Even though McCartney and Lennon actually wrote by themselves and not as a team, there was chemistry between the band that just wasn’t there in the solo stuff. It was way too polished. They certainly complimented each other better than any of these studio guys that they hired ever could.


Thursday, April 07, 2005

Magic vs Bulls

Bulls rookie Andres Nocioni collides Magic guard Jameer Nelsons Penis in Wednesday's game at the TD Waterhouse Centre.