Thursday, September 29, 2005

Elixir Acoustic Giutar strings with Polyweb coating

Where the hell have I been?? I never hear of these things until last week when I went to Sam Ash looking for strings for the Acoustic. I went with 10's, but should have gone a little heavier. But man these things are smooth sound great... I was so inspired that I wrote a song, lyrics and all. I'll try to record it this weekend. Oh, I watched the Martin Scorsese documentary on Bob Dylan Monday, No Direction Home. Missed part two on Tuesday... I think a friend of mine recorded it. I ripped a copy of the Essential Bob Dylan from a friend but it doesnt have a lot of stuff off the first two records for some reason... That's some of his best stuff in my opinion.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Next week off

I had to take next week off because the kids don't have school and all the day cares are full or really expensive. So I was trying to think of stuff we can do during the week. Movies!! We can go see Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit!! Shit, it doesn't open here until the 7th. Started looking on for other kids movies that are playing. The only one is that Penguin movie. Most reviews are pretty good, a couple of mixed.

One mixed review from the The Village Voice:

The Central Park Zoo is cheaper, you can walk away from the penguins after 10 minutes, and it has snow monkeys and beer.

Get a flight to NY, stay for the week, take the kids to look at snow monkeys and drink beer. Not a bad idea at all. Not going to happen, but it would be fun to take them up there this time of the year. I'm thinking Science Center, Movie?, Park, Fishing, pizza, video games. That should take care of a couple of days anyway.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rediscovering Maiden...

Steve Harris was one of my biggest influences as a kid. I really think it shows in my style today, not that I'm even close to this guy as far as talent goes... This and Piece of Mind are the two best Maiden records with Bruce. I really don't care for anything after Powerslave at all. And of course the first two studio records are classics.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The day is dragging

Wow, it's only 3:00 seems like it should be at least 5:00 Another killer storm out in the gulf is heading towards TX this time and tons of people have been in traffic jams for hours without any movement at all. I really feel bad for them. That would really suck having to leave your home and most of your things behind...Better than staying behind though. These type types of disasters really show how unprepared we are to Handel these sorts of things. But then again, is there a better way to handle something as unpredictable as a hurricane? Don't know...

I'm practicing for the first time tonight with the new amp. This is the real test to see how it keeps up with the Rectifier and the pounding drums... Man, It's taking forever to write this, it's 4:00 now!! Busy working on important stuff. I have to remind myself that WHAT I DO MATTERS. Anyway, the status is still Processing for the Jazz Bass. Maybe a couple of weeks because it has to come from Fender. Think I may have found the Pickguard that I wanted for it on ebay. 24$ Not a bad price. Got to get going.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My amp should come today!!

It's on a truck in Orlando. After work I'm taking it up to the warehouse to check it out with the Ric. I'm sure it will sound great...

The Jazz Bass is on order from Fender and may take a couple of weeks to get here. That gives me some time to find the Tortoise Shell Pickguard that I want.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bass Pod

Picked up a Bass Pod at Sam Ash yesterday for $299.00. Messed around with it for a while last night. This is primarily for practicing at home, but I've discovered some uses for it at practice with the band as well. The amp modeling is really cool. Here's a list of amps cabinets and effects:

Amps Based On*:
Acoustic 360
Aguilar DB750
Alembic F-2B
Ampeg SVT
Ampeg B-15
Eden Traveller WT-300
Fender Bassman Combo
Fender Bassman Head
Fender Dual Showman
GK 800 RB
Hiwatt DR-103
Hiwatt 200DR
Marshall Major
Marshall Super Bass
Mesa Boogie Bass 400+
Polytone Minibrute
Sunn Coliseum
SWR SM-500
Versatone Pan-O-Flex
Vox AC100
Line 6 Sub Dub
...and more!

Cabs Based On*:
1x12 Euphonics CXL-112L
1x12 Versatone Pan-O-Flex
1x15 Ampeg B-15
1x15 SWR Big Ben
1x15 Polytone Minibrute
1x18 Acoustic 360
1x18 Mesa Boogie
1x18+12 Sunn Coliseum
2x10 Ashdown ABM 210T
2x15 Fender Dual Showman D130F
2x15 Mesa Boogie
2x15 Vox
4x10 Bassman Combo w/ new spkrs
4x10 Fender Bassman Combo
4x10 Eden David
4x10 Hartke 410
4x10+Horn SWR Goliath
4x12 Hiwatt Bass Cab
4x12 Marshall Basketweave
4x12 Marshall Basketweave 2
4x15 Marshall Major
8x10 Ampeg SVT

Effects Based On*:
Mu-Tron III
Arbiter Fuzz Face
Big Muff Pi
Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer
ProCo Rat
Tycobrahe Octavia
MXR Dynacomp
Boss CS-1
Boss CE-1
A/DA Flanger
MXR Phase 90
Fender amp tremolo
Vox amp tremolo
Fender Vibratone
Boss DM-2
EH Deluxe Memory Man
Maestro EP-1
Roland RE-101 Space Echo
...and more!

All the amps and cabs have pretty different sounds. I was messing with the syth effects as well. Pretty fun, but nothing I would use. I dont think...

When connected to a PC it becomes a selectable audio device from within the software you're using. Recording with this thing is going to be awesome.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Going with a GK again

The RB400 lasted 15 plus years, so I figure I can't go wrong. Over 400 watts!!

GK 700RB-II Bass Head

Bass Pod, new Bass, new Guitar on hold...

Half way through a song last night my amp started working at about 50%, after changing cables, moving things around, I finally got it back, but not for long. Looks like I'll be shopping for an amp. This will set me back on all other spending for about a year. I may still look into a Pod XT if I can get one cheap enough, but the guitars are out of the question. It really sucks, but there's not a whole lot I can do. I will be upgrading as well, so it's not so bad. At least my sound will improve. NEED MORE POWER.... The GK has been good to me, but for the past couple of years it has been problematic. I think I've had it for close to 15 years. Time for a change. The challenge is what to buy. What will go good with my Hartke 4-10, and Acoustic 2-15?? I'll definitely check out Ampeg, SWR, and GK for sure. Maybe Saturday...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Haunted Sushi

These people are crazy! They can make a fortune off this place.
Haunted Sushi story

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ernie Ball Super Slinky

Got to remember this. These strings are perfect for the Ric: Ernie Ball Super Slinky size 45 65 80 100. Hell of a lot brighter than the flats I had before and easier to play. Now I'll actually use the damn thing. I'm watching a couple of ebay auctions, looking for a Bass Pod XT. This would be great for practicing at home with head phones, and I can use it as an effects processor at practice. The USB I/O is a plus also. Not that I would use a lot of effects, but the EQ and modeling may be useful. I'm hoping to can get a used one for around $200. The Musicman is next, need to change the battery, re-string it, and fix the jack again...