Friday, November 21, 2008

The end of Black Habit, the beginning of?

June 27th was the last show. We played at Holly and Dolly's in Casselberry, and kicked ass. Definitely our best show to date. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, Matt quite the band the next day. Thankfully, I recorded every single one of our songs two weeks prior using my Tascam DR1 (best band investment yet). Wish I had recordings like this of some of the older bands I've been in. So now at least we have something to show for it... it's been three years in the works, and it's now gone. We were able to find a singer last month and have been working our asses off to try to get back to where we were. Adding new covers, writing some new stuff and rehearsing for our debut on the 18th of December... a private Christmas party... I vote we think of a new name.

Friday, August 01, 2008

What Pandora thinks I like - not off by much

Hard rock roots
Blues influences
Repetitive melodic phrasing
Extensive vamping
Minor key tonality
Dirty electric guitar riffs
A gravelly male vocalist
An aggressive male vocalist
An unintelligible vocal delivery

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Once again, we search for a Singer...

Our Singer has decided to move on for various reasons. It is for the best... For now I'll be filling in, but ultimately, I would like to find a replacement. So it's still Bryan, Eric, and I. We will continue regardless if we ever play out again or not... I feel that we will... We've been bit by the bug. Last show at Holly and Dolly's was one of our best, and it was video taped by my lovley Wife ;) I'll be posting the video at and at my new site I created for myself: I'll be putting some of everything up there: Black Cats, LLB, Breakneck, Black Habit...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Band update

We played the Copper Rocket in late December, I think it was the 27th, and at the Peacock Room April 3rd. Some video from the Copper Rocket can be seen at:

One more name change as you can see. We are now blackhabit. We discovered that there was another band in town named Black Rabbit, so we slightly changed ours. Oddly enough, we played with Black Rabbit when we played at the Peacock Room. That show seemed like it was going to be kind of a bummer because of the whole Tuesday night thing, but ended up being one of our best shows so far. Not a whole lot of people, but still really fun and we played really well. The owners were very nice as was the other band. We went on first since we're still kind of a new band to the area in this format anyway. We realized that we really should have headlined this thing when most people left after we got done playing. Also, the other band ended up being a bunch of younger kids, the Bass player a 15 year old girl who's parents were there waiting for them to get on and play... it's a school night! We felt really bad that it was so late, and that most people left, so we gave them all of the money for the night to make it worth their while. So we made nothing, but played well.

We are working on some new stuff, and considering our recording options for a good quality demo. We really want to play out a bit more, and do have some cool stuff in the works. I'll keep everyone posted.