Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No new name yet, but lots of ideas for songs

We have tons of ideas these days, but not enough time to put then all together since we only practice once a week. It's better than not having any ideas... we've been there before. New singer, new warehouse. Things are looking up. The new singer is really working out for us. He adds a different sound to the band that we never had before. A bit more southern rock style. We'll be finishing up a few songs, then a friend is going to record a few songs for us at no charge.


Tim, Lisa, Trenton, and Grant said...

I've got a cool name for a band - "Valve" or "Pancree Attic"

bmh2322 said...

I would be happy to help you guys out with some album art at no cost to you!

Israel said...

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