Monday, February 27, 2006

New cabinet

I picked up this Trace Elliot cabinet this weekend. I originally bought a Hartke 2x15 cab, but had to return it due to some weird cackling sound it was making. I wanted to exchange it, but they didn't have anymore in stock, so they had me try this one. I blows the Hartke away... Great low end, and clear... Sounds great with the GK. Can't wait to try it along with the 4x10 Hartke.

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GG said...

I wish you could have tried this 100-watt Hiwatt bass amp I bought a few years ago, but looks as though I have a buyer (Rivington Guitar shop). You must sound killer through this set up ... and now you've got such a nice variety of basses to pump through it! You should take a photo of all your basses and the amp together.